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Mariners 5 at Blue Jays 3

Some quick notes about yesterday's game:

  • I was thoroughly impressed with Adam Jones, the Mariners' somewhat highly-touted prospect. He caught balls with a sort of graceful ease that's often associated with the game's best fielders. He also showed very good plate discipline by walking in the fourth inning. On a negative note, however, he was caught stealing second base later in the game due to a very poor jump. Of course, it's difficult to glean much from one game, so it'll be interesting to see how he fares in the near future.
  • The defense, as Alpheus points out in yesterday's game thread, was atrocious. Aaron Hill in particular had a lot of trouble controlling his throws from shortstop. Without Lyle Overbay's impressive glovework at first base, he would've committed a few more errors last night. Troy Glaus' foolish-looking botch of an easy infield flyball incited a slew of boos and jeers from the crowd. It's inexcusable for a professional baseball player to ever mishandle such a routine play.
  • It would be best if Brian Tallet were to never enter a game in which the Blue Jays have even the most remote opportunity to win, as they did last night. The fans' complete lack of confidence in his ability to pitch effectively was on full display last night when his poor effort elicited a throng of noticeably loud moans and groans, as well a few unmentionably vulgar comments (I like to keep things clean, so I won't list any examples).
  • I was very impressed with Brandon League, whom I hadn't seen pitch in person prior to last night. He consistently threw in the upper 90s and made a few hitters look very foolish, despite only recording one strikeout. I was very low on League following last season's awful campaign, but based on last night's performance and his impressive 2006 AAA campaign, he, unlike most members of the bullpen, has the potential to pitch very well in the not too distant future.