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Five Jays Named to AL All-Star Team

The roster for the All-Star team came out today, and the Toronto Blue Jays is second among AL teams with five players named to the All-Star team (Ozzie Guillen's White Sox have six). No surprises here really, among the five named to the All-Star squad includes Vernon Wells, Troy Glaus, B.J. Ryan, Roy Halladay, and the injured Alex Rios. Rios won't participate in the game and his spot will be replaced by Gary Matthews Jr. of the Texas Rangers.

The complete All-Star roster can be viewed here

You can also vote for the final spot of each league's roster here

It is definitely a great showing by the Blue Jays to get 5 men selected to the All-Star team. However, personally, I am a little PO-ed by some of Ozzie Guillen's choices, eventhough he didn't snub any Blue Jays. How can Travis Hafner, the AL's answer to Albert Pujols, not get selected to the All-Star team. I thought he was a shoo-in for the team. There is nothing to debate, Hafner has been the best hitter in the AL this year and arguably has been the best hitter in the AL for the past couple years. David Ortiz, Jim Thome, and Paul Konerko are all having great years, but Hafner has the best combination of average, on-base, and power, there is no competition. I'll definitely cast my vote for Hafner for the final spot on the AL roster and I urge you all to do it, there is not a more deserving man for that last spot on the All-Star team.