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Cory F. Lidle?!

Rumour has it that the Blue Jays are interested in former Blue Jay and current Phillie Cory Lidle:

This year, the Jays need another starter and they have talked to the Baltimore Orioles about Rodrigo Lopez and to the Philadelphia Phillies about Cory Lidle

That doesn't seem very appealing, now does it? Really, even with Janssen's recent struggles, he -- or even Saturday's starter, Dustin McGowan -- is as reliable as either Lidle or Lopez. J.P. Ricciardi's plan at the deadline revolves around acquiring a starting pitcher. Of course, a middle infielder like Julio Lugo would likely benefit the team much more, considering the Blue Jays' offensive and defensive black hole at the middle infield position that isn't manned by Aaron Hill, but the Devil Rays' asking price would likely be too high.

I'll elaborate more on the subject if the rumours escalate in the near future or if, heaven forbid, someone of Lidle's ilk is acquired.

But I'll leave the topic open to everyone else. Should the Blue Jays pursue a starting pitcher? If so, who? If not, what's their alternative? Shaun Marcum has been adequate lately, but is he a reliable option long term? Same goes for Dustin McGowan, who's shown flashes of dominance but whose production hasn't evolved as quickly as we'd like.