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Congratulations Travis Snider and Adam Lind!!!

Travis Snider                                                   Adam Lind

Although this news does not concern the immediate future of the Toronto Blue Jays, it might be a harbinger of things to come a couple years down the road. Travis Snider, the Blue Jays' 1st round draft pick this year, had a huge season in short-season low-A ball with Pulaski in the Appalachian League, and was named to the All-Star, named the league's Player of the Year, and was ranked by Baseball America as the Appalachian League's number 1 prospect. Although he is still a couple years away from the show and who knows what his future entails, it is nonetheless exciting to hear success stories from a system that has seen a lack of fanfare in the past couple years.

On the other hand, the news regarding Adam Lind may have an impact on the Blue Jays roster as early as next season. Lind, a third round draft pick from the 2004 entry draft, out did his successful 2005 campaign with a MVP season in AA Eastern League with the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. What is even more impressive, is that he won the award despite spending nearly a month of the season in AAA, where he also enjoyed success. As a reward for his season, Lind was called up to the big club and has continued to hit the ball with authority. Lind also joined Carlos Delgado and Luis Lopez as the only Blue Jays player to win 3 Webster Awards, which is given annually to the most valuable player in each Blue Jay minor league affiliate. Lind should be in contention for the starting/platooning LF job as early as next season. With the success he has had thus far, Ricciardi might be inclined to let Frank Catalanotto to walk as a free agent and hand the LF job to Lind. All in all, I am excited about the future of these two young sluggers. Hopefully their minor league success will translate into success in the big leagues.