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New-look Bluebird Banter

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was in search of new writers for the website. Well, four (yes, four) have been added to the lineup. That means, of course, that posting will be more collaborative than ever before.

Three of the writers -- "hugo", "easyrichboy", and "achengy" -- have posted in the diaries and comments sections, and are well-suited to post about topics related to the Blue Jays and baseball in general. Allan (achengy) runs his own website dedicated to sports, Allan's World.

The fourth writer, Dave, runs two websites, Big Ear Creations and

So I'd like to welcome them all aboard and wish them luck on the website. It could be tough juggling so many different views and opinions at once, but, if anything, that will create more diversity and make the Bluebird Banter a more interesting place to frequent.