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Bits and Pieces

Hello Bantering people... my name is Dave, but you can call me Big Ear.  Or Dave.  

This has got to be thankless time to be a GM.  The picking up the bits and pieces stage!  With big time names like Olmedo and Ohka floating around, it's definetly spine tingling time! (Note: Big Ear likes sarcasm)

 Picking up the bits and pieces of a roster is a lot like watching my 3 year old son opening up his Christmas gifts.  

Getting Oh Hurto Grande, VDub, and OK... even Lyle (would have been a farm-hand if I didn't get into basball) Overbay, is like my boy running down the stairs and getting his new drum kit!  "Oh man... I love these drums!".  Then he tears in the stocking jacked full the first chocolates of the day!  He's like the Cookie Monster!  Just can't get enough.

By the end of the day, he's getting down to the nitty gritty presents like sweaters... spiderman underpants and the like.  He's barely batting an eye... "yeah great... underpants.  When's my birthday again?"  

But you know what.  Drummers who don't wear underpants are nasty.  Or so I've heard.  And that sweater sure comes in handy.  

Picking up the nitty gritty guys like competitive 5th starters and the 4th light hitting shortstop (who I hope all go into some sort of Royal Rumble/ Hit Run and Throw Reality TV show on TSN for playing time) doesn't win you many friends... but come mid summer when we're all wondering, "Why can't Chacin throw more than 5 innings?" or "How did we think that Royce was a good idea again??" we'll look back and give JP some props!

Big Ear