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Is this what all baseball dorks do on January 24th?

 It's going to get down to -12 degrees tonight with scattered flurries in Southern Ontario.  And what have I been thinking about?  

When can I get my first fantasy preview magazine?

Will Tomo be #4 or #5?

Why does John Gibbons sound so much like Boomhower? he doing an impression, being ironic, or just a hick?

If Dustin McGowan could throw strikes... how good could he be?

Are Ricky Romero and Davis Romero the same dude?

Maybe Ernie could still catch?  He's big enough.

Who was surlier last year "Moody Ted" Lilly or Shea "Wild Kingdom" Hillebrand?

What will happen to the 8 players who lose out in the "Who wants to be a shortstop/starting pitcher" reality program? What are they going to do for milk money?

What did they do with the bodies of Ace and Diamond?

Who is the older owner... Uncle Teddy or Al Davis?

Somebody help me!