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Top 20 Blue Jay Prospects

The top 20 prospect list is always based on opinions. I am just a 19-year old kid and if you really think about these top 20 prospects list aren't that useful but they're fun!

I'll try to share some of my insight but most of the time people are going to have different opinions. Feel free to share away.

Here is my updated top 20 Blue Jay Prospect List:

  1. Travis Snider OF (Lansing Lugnuts)
  2. Brett Cecil LHP (Auburn Doubledays)
  3. Curtis Thigpen C (MLB/Syracuse Chiefs)
  4. Robinzon Diaz C (Syracuse Chiefs)
  5. Yohermyn Chavez OF (GCL Jays)
  6. Jonathan (JP) Arencibia C (Auburn Doubledays)
  7. Ricky Romero LHP (New Hamshire FisherCats)
  8. Kevin Ahrens SS/3B (GCL Jays)
  9. Kyle Ginley RHP (Lansing Lugnuts)
  10. John Tolisano 2B (GCL Jays)
  11. Marc Rzepczynski, LHP (Auburn DoubleDays)
  12. David Purcey LHP (New Hampshire Fisher Cats)
  13. Josh Banks RHP (MLB/Syracuse Chiefs)
  14. Chi-Hung Cheng LHP (GCL/Auburn)
  15. Adrian Martin RHP (Dunedin Jays)
  16. Eric Eiland OF (GCL Jays)
  17. Justin Jackson SS (GCL Jays)
  18. Balbino Fuenmayor 3B (GCL Jays)
  19. Ryan Patterson OF (New Hampshire Fishercats)
  20. Brandon Magee RHP (Dunedin Jays)
Honorable Mention: Josh Kreuzer, Nate Starner, AJ Wideman, Kyle Yates, Aaron Mathews, Bradley Mills, Jonathan Del Campo and David Smith

Some thoughts:
This list is filled with new faces specifically from the 2007 draft. Cecil and The "Zep" are the two big lefty pitchers that we seem to keep drafting. Hopefully for them they don't hit the dreaded AA wall faced by our former top prospects.

As great as it that we have some promising players in the GCL Jays. Just remember the young guns as a whole struggled. Balbino Fuenmayor has fallen from grace but others struggled just as much but are receiving recognition for their tools.

I find that our system is very weak at the moment. We have a lot of unproven talent. Cecil and Snider look like studs but the rest have a lot of question marks going forward. We also don't have a lot of talent in the upper levels of our system.

What do you think?