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The Best and Worst Moments of 2007

Before we take an in-depth look at the season, let's quickly review some of the highs and lows of "the season that wasn't."

The High

Honourable Mention: Last game before the all-star break, Accardo goes 3-0 on Peralta with the bases loaded, only to come back and blow him away.

10. Marcum's 1-0 shutout in Anaheim after an ugly ugly loss the night before.

9. Sparky's return game, in which he ended the game with a spectacular diving catch out in left.

8. Russ Adams hits a grand slam against Papelbon

7. Hill's diving catch to beat Seattle on August 31st. Possibly the defensive play of the year, although that guy we passed over for Ricky Romero has turned in some gems over in the Senior Circuit

6. The first Doc-Buerhle pitcher's duel.

5. Doc's 10-inning shutout over Bonderman.

4. Jesse' Litsch's debut against Baltimore. That was pretty sweet, wasn't it? Mrs. Hugo's favorite Jay, by the way.

3. Down 5 against Tampa going into the bottom of the 9th, the Jays score 6 to win it!

2. McGowan taking the no-no into the 9th.

1. Aaron Hill's steal of home against the Yankees. How can you beat stealing home against the Yanks?!

And the Low

Dishonourable mention: Everytime Wells swung at garbage with runners on. Feel better, Vern!
10. B.J.'s blown save against Detroit in Mid-April, Jays lost it 10-7. I knew then that something was very wrong.

9. Two words: Victor Zambrano

8. April 28th against Texas: a microcosm of the season, the Jays kept scratching back again and again, only to keep blowing it. Finally lost 9-8 when Frasor blew it in the 9th.

7. The Glaus steroid accusations

6. Doc's shellackings immediately before and after his appendectomy

5. "Mine!" if only because it somehow seemed to get the Yankees back on track.

4. The Lyle and Zaun injuries - Jason Phillips, anyone?

3. J.P.'s casual relationship with the truth in l'affaire Ryan, which culminated in a lot of fan bitterness when Ryan went down for the season.

2. Gibbons abusing A.J.'s arm for no apparent reason, then J.P. throwing Burnett (who had a fantastic season) under the bus when A.J. went down with an injury.

1. Obviously, the nine-game losing streak, culminating in one of the afforementioned Doc shellings.

Any important ones I've forgotten or blocked out from my memory?