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Stay Tuned

Hey, loyal Corvid fans.  While we here at Bluebird Banter have enjoyed our postseason vacation (once we got over the pain of the Jays not being in it), now that the world series is over, we're ready to get back to work!  So drop by from time to time as we assess the offseason.  

First off, congrats to Boston.  While Boston generally makes me want to tear my hair out, and while I really enjoyed rooting for the Rockies through the NL playoffs, the better team won.  I even listened to Ska-Core, the Devil, and More the other day on a run to commemorate.  Now let's beat the heck out of them next season!

As for the offseason, so far Edgar Renteria was traded from the Braves to the Tigers for two prospects.  The Tigers like to act early in the offseason and Renteria is a fine player.  

Alex Rodriguez opted out of his contract in a move that surprised no one except Yankee fans, who can't figure out why the best player in the game would want to test the free agent market at a time when teams have never been flusher, rather than stick around in a city with fans that treated him like a whore at a church picnic more often than not.  Can we use the new strength of the Canadian dollar to snag A-Rod?  I can dream!