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Rule 5 Draft Eligible Notables

Since the off-season is important in dictating the future of some prospects, I figure we put up this list now and make edits as the Jays make some more moves.

New eligibles (not on 40 man roster):
David Purcey*
Kyle Yates*
Ryan Klosterman
Cory Patton
Chip Cannon
Danny Hill
Mike MacDonald
Aaron Mathews
Daryl Harang
Paul Franko
Aaron Tressler
Adrian Martin

Others that may not be on the 40-man roster:
Lee Gronkiewicz (seems like a decent pick up)
Jamie Vermilyea
Ty Taubenheim
Sergio Santos
John-Ford Griffin

Likely 40-man roster removals:
Joe Inglett
Ryan Houston
Tracy Thorpe

Anyone I'm missing? Anyway a few important prospects may be left exposed in Aaron Mathews, Adrian Martin and Mike MacDonald. Let's hope we protect Gronk.

I probably would be happy to see Santos, Taubenhiem, Griffin and Cannon let go to pursue other organizations.