Mitchell and the Jays

The much anticipated Mitchell Report was announced.  Most of it was not a surprise to knowledgeable baseball fans.

A few Jays (past and present) were on it:
Glen Allen Hill
Greg Zaun
Scott Schoenweiss
Troy Glaus
Roger Clemens
Jose Canseco
Raul Mondesi

The list was not so much of a surprise to me.  

Andy Petitte and Rocket Roger.  Never figured out a sinkerballer who topped out at 90mph could suddenly find an extra 4 mph on a fastball at the age of 29.  As for Roger, well, I would not be shocked that his resurgence with the Jays coincided with possible 'roid use.  

Only two pitchers I know of in this century could maintain serious heat at the age of 40+ with the last one being Nolan Ryan (Walter Johnson being the other.)  Even greats like Bob Feller lost their fastballs in their mid 30s.  Why would Roger be the twice in a century exception?

I'm just thankful not many Jays were on the list (but I could be speaking way too soon.)

Well, looks like Mitchell hoofed Bud and baseball hard in the happy sacks while their heads were completely buried in the sand.

What do you think the outcome will be?  Thoughts, opinions?

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