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Please Don't Be Long

I just wanted to alert eveyone to a fantastic new resource available at a great Jays' site, Blue Jay Way.

Blue Jay Way and superb minor league columnist Marc Hulet just released scouting profiles for EVERY player in the Jays minor league system. There are over 170 profiles in all, and can be accessed here. I haven't yet gotten a chance to read all the profiles, but I can already tell from those I have read that this is going to be a fantastic resource.

Let's also use this thread to generically discuss the winter meetings, which started today in Nashville, Tennessee. So far, not much has happened, although there's been a ton of talk and White Sox made a nice trade for Carlos Quentin. Also of note, this weekend the Mets finally traded long-shopped prospect Lastings Millege to the Nationals for Brian Schneider and Ryan Church. Jim Bowden must have a thing for bad boys, since he also picked up Elijah Dukes. The Devil Rays and Twins made an interesting trade as well in advance of the winter meetings -- the Rays picked up young hurler Matt Garza and defensive whiz SS Jason Bartlett while the Twins got infielder Delmon Young and Brendan Harris. Prospects were also involved.

The Jays are in a bit of a wait-and-see mode, but they lost pitcher Ty Taubenheim as the Pirates claimed him off waivers. Their division rivals have been busy- the Rays making the aforementioned deals, the O's shopping Miguel Tejada (for a reported ridiculous wishlist), and the Yankees and Red Sox bidding against each other for the services of Johan Santana. The Yankees also managed to resign Andy Pettite to a 1-year, a key move given the young state of their expected rotation and Pettite's solid contribution last season.

So why not use the thread to post rumors, breaking news, or analyses of deals! Stay Warm!