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"The smell"

There are some February days where I step out of my house on my way to work, and the disturbingly increasing amount of nasal hair that I have instantly freezes. Those aren't great moments.

But there are some February mornings that you can smell even the faintest smell of Baseball. You know that smell. It's that tease of spring that starts to happen when the "pitchers and catchers reporting to Florida" countdown begins.

It's "The smell" that awakens my baseball soul.

It's not the annual JP/Season Ticket holder love in... it's not the fantasy magazines springing up like tulips in corner convenience stores across the land... it's not the "Jays are going to contend... you're on crack" emails that begin going back and forth between friends... ITS "THE SMELL"

It brings something to life inside me. It reminds me of the late winter days that I would begin to get my "arm ready" for my upcoming house-league seasons that used to mean so much. It makes me tingle for summer evenings where I can finally discard the latest reality show for the pleasing ebb and flow of a ball game.

Yesterday I was watching some of ABC's Cleveland Cav's game. Mark Jackson would not stop whining about how cold it was in Cleveland... made me giggle. Poor old Mark. But they showed a wide shot of downtown Cleveland and a snow covered Jacob's Field directly beside the Cav's generic arena. I remembered the smell of that beautiful ballpark. The sounds of the fans in the left field bleachers... the nut-job playing the drum...the taste of the GIANT Nachos we ate!

My wife and I found out that she was pregnant with our 3rd child after the Indians game this past summer...

"The smell" triggers many wonderful things in my spirit.

Dave Carrol