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Brazillian Baseball Beat the Buds Blowing AGAIN!

Let me make a statement here. There would have been a time where this would not have happened, but Wendel Clark isn't around to hear it so I think I'm in the clear.

I would actually rather watch Golf, International Soccer, Canadian University Basketball, even Darts (One hundred and eeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy) than hockey these days.

People have been duped. The Leafs are NOT A GOOD FRANCHISE! Today the Leafs traded for Yanic Perreault. That way on their way to blowing up in the playoffs... their win a couple more faceoffs. Congrats all around. kudos. Who's now less popular? The Teacher Pension Fund, The Teachers Union... or just Teachers?

This is how far my interest in The Duds has fallen. I CANNOT find enough information on Jo Matumoto. Is there anyone else who is fascinated by this story? The Japanese/Brazilian Ace pitcher who's wife got him a tryout??? This stuff gold Jerry GOLD! Can I get to Jo Matumoto jersey? How about an autographed Jo Matumoto Brazilian beach speedo?

There is the potential of having this be spoken out over the PA down at "The Ted" this summer

"Now pitching for Tomo Ohka... Jo Matumoto" Hear that Domey-echo. Let that wash over you for a second. Now go sign up for MLB Audio and get ready to take in the sounds of summer start Thursday. I'm so excited I'm going into convulsions.