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Bleacher seats, Draft Days, and Dumb Friends... Ahhh, Openning Day is coming

With every John Ford Griffin pop out and Russ Adams error, we inch closer and closer to opening day. I'm heading down to "The Ted" (This nickname is still up for grabs by the way) with a group of guys who love baseball. We'll sit in the 100 Level outfield seats... heckle some Royal's relievers... and catch up on each other's lives, kids, ministries... and complain about the hot dogs (since they're no where near as good as the street meat outside).

It's one of the things that I truly love about the game of baseball... The social dynamic. This same group of guys on Saturday, are going to sit in my living room from 9am until 7pm, mythically drafting real players onto pretend rosters.

It will feel like playing the Stratomatic Baseball that used to be advertised in Street and Smith's Baseball Preview Magazines!

My wife calls it "NERD DAY"... and rightfully so.

We'll sit ready, fully armed with baseball related barbs... ready to renew fantasy baseball hostilities. My friends will mock the time I took Doug Glanville first overall in our draft because I thought I could sneak him at 1 dollar... and I did... because he was worth about a dime!

These are days that we... who as adults now live adult lives with adult responsibilities... anticipate because it gives a chance to escape. It's refreshing, and in the culture of baseball, there are alway good friends willing to come along for the ride.

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