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Who I'm Likin'

I'm Likin'

Aaron Hill.  He's a cute little man isn't he?  He still reminds me of Jeff Kent (without the inbred mustache and the racist tirades).

Lyle Overbay.  He may not be hitting yet, but he will.  I think I'd enjoy hanging out with Lyle.  Also, I will never be able to see a bride toss a bouquet the same again.  


Vernon Wells.  He hits a baseball very hard. Often.  Remember when he made the 30-30 call last  year?  Maybe he was pulling a "LOST" time shifting dealy and meant THIS season. Yes, Vernon Wells is like LOST.  

"The Ted".  Both the owner and the stadium.  Both are genuinely very concrete, stale, and lifeless.  Yet both are trying VERY hard to get "Pimped out".  The effort is not lost on us Ted's.  

Allan Ashby.  He's not Sawkiw.  C is for cookie...That's good enough for me.  

I'm Not Likin'  

Matt Stairs.  Can we just bring up Adam Lind before he finds that great all you can eat wings place in Brampton?  Please.  The team belts are not one size fits all.  

Royce Clayton.  He's hitting a bit, but don't let it fool you.  It's a week into the season and the weak Tony Fernandez loop-toss impressions are as bad as a Dane Cook routine.  

The new hats.  Enough already with the new uniforms Poochy.  We're good with the bird.  Stop it now. No, stop it.... DO IT!  

Me not winning the car opening day.  I didn't like that.