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Doc Leads Jays to Win Over Tigers!

The Happy Recap
Wow. It's games like this that make me happy to be a baseball fan. Doc Halladay and Jeremy Bonderman both masterfully battled, with the Jays eventually coming out on top, 2-1 in the bottom of the 10th.

Doc was absolutely fantastic, pitching 107 pitches over 10 full innings, scattering 6 hits, and walking no one. The only blemish was a Magglio Ordonez HR in the 2nd. Bonderman was also fantastic, yielding only a Rios HR to lead off the game. But Bonderman was pulled after 9 innings, and Fernando Rodney came in. Aaron Hill led off the inning with a great at-bat in which he eventually reached on a slow roller to 3rd. Jason Smith laid down a beautiful bunt for a single, and John McDonald followed up with another bunt single (his was lucky as he popped it up but it just got down). With the bags loaded, Rios hit the sac fly to win it! Go Jays!

"Playa-Hatin" Royce Clayton Watch : Clayton did not play. I can't quite figure out if John Gibbons views Clayton as an offensive upgrade on McDonald, or a defensive upgrade, or neither? He didn't pinch hit Clayton for McDonald in the 10th (perhaps b/c the Minister of Defence had the bunt sign), and he had no qualms about starting (and leaving) the minister over Royce with groundballer Halladay on the mound. Any thoughts on how Gibbons sees the two? N.B. This segment's name changed at the request of loyal reader Woody.

Waxing/Waning Gibbons
Not many moves on a day like today, but I liked sending Halladay out for the 10th. he had only thrown 89 pitches, so it was a nice little move that paid off when Doc sent the Tigers packing. Also, no real problem with hitting Stairs 2nd against a righty.

Jays of the Day
Well, Doc . Rios too, for his 1st HR of the year and a nice easy fly ball to win it. The Jays need Rios to be a big contributor now as leadoff man, with Reeder on the DL.