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BJ Blows Another One in 10-7 Loss to Tigers

The Whole Sad Story

Blue Jay's Closer BJ Ryan blew his second game of the season as Toronto was up 7-6 heading into the top of the 9th. A bases loaded clearing double by Marcus Thames was the dagger as our beloved Jays lost 10-7 .

The pitching just wasn't on in this game. Burnett who looked solid at times during this game battled through some struggles. The Bullpen wasn't as sharp either. Janssen and Frasor both let runs score. It was just one of those nights hopefully the pen can stay solid like they've been so far in the season.  

At the plate, the Jays had a good day at the office with all but Zaun, Thomas(needs a hit) and Clayton without hits. Wells, Overbay and Rios went yard for us.

Clayton Watch :  Royce was 0-2 with a sac fly. He also had his 2nd error of the season allowing the 10th and final run to score. No more erros please! (I personally expect a player to bring it either with the bat or the defense if not I want them out!)

Jays of the Day

Adam Lind went 3 for 5 in his return to the big club. He did have 2 Ks but I believe all he needed was this chance before he ends up here for good. It's a nice start don't you think? I could have very well given it to any other hitter on the Jays.  

I stole Hugo's layout as he had an off day and since there is a 1 o clock start today I figured I'd pinch hit :). HTML is not liking me right now so the format sucks.