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How Long Must We Sing This Song?: Injury Update

For those of you hoping for an early return from our azure-clad heroes, it is not to be. B.J. Ryan was placed on the disabled list with a left elbow ligament sprain, an injury not dissimilar to that suffered by AJ Burnett and Gustavo Chacin last season. The good news is that Dr. James Andrews didn't find any tears in the ligament, and that he is hopeful that rest and rehabilitation will have BJ back in 4-6 weeks. Taking Ryan's place on the roster will be Jamie Vermilyea, while Jason Frasor will step into the closer's role (although I would not at all be surprised to see Janssen and Marcum in the mix for saves.) Frasor was 17 of 19 in 2004 as a rookie closer, so I think we're in good hands, but obviously BJ will be missed.

Leadoff Man Reed Johnson is another casualty, having opted for surgery to correct the herniated disc in his back. Reed will be out until at least July. Adam Lind will fill in in left field, and expect Alexis Rios to assume the role of leadoff hitter.

Troy Glaus will also be placed on the DL. Glaus has not played since last thursday due to a bone spur in his left heel and sore left hamstring. Glaus will be placed on the list retroactive, so if all goes well, he could be back by the end of the month. Ryan Roberts will be called up from Syracuse to take Glaus' roster spot, but third base will probably be a John McDonald/Jason Smith platoon. I guess the Jays could do worse, but it seems like Clayton will now be exposed as well as the 3B spot. I personally would have called up Russ Adams to play 2nd and moved Hill to 3rd, where he was just fine two years ago and used Smith and McDonald in all the infield spots as backups.

Brandon League is also on the DL. The club hopes that he will be back by June, but his injury is quite mysterious so I'm not sure I would count on it.

Other teams have injury problems too, but how many teams can say that they've lost their leadoff hitter, their #5 hitter and starting 3rd baseman, their closer, and their primary setup man?

Oh well, as the late, great, Vonnegut would say, "so it goes."