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April 22 - 1 P.M. Blue Jays at Orioles

Lineups :

Toronto Blue Jays
A. Rios rf
A. Lind lf
V. Wells cf
L. Overbay 1b
F. Thomas dh
G. Zaun c
A. Hill 2b
J. Smith 3b
R. Clayton ss

Pitching: Gustavo Chacin, LHP

Baltimore Orioles
J. Payton lf
M. Mora 3b
N. Markakis rf
M. Tejada ss
A. Huff 1b
K. Millar dh
C. Gomez 2b
C. Patterson cf
A. Castillo c

Pitching: Steve Trachsel, RHP

If we can't beat Steve Trachsel, then I need to reassess how I have been spending my free time. At least Royce Clayton is no longer the 7 hitter.

Oh yeah, according to Palmer and the other idiot O's announcer, one of the "Keys to the Game" for Chacin is "not too many runs." I thought that they meant a key for Chacin would be not giving up too many runs, which would be dumb enough. But no, they actually mean the key is for the Blue Jays NOT TO SCORE TOO MANY RUNS BEHIND HIM , as that somehow makes Chacin less effective. Unspeakable.

Of course, given the Jays' offense of late, we will probably get a chance to see Palmer's theory tested. Sigh...