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Monday Monday Monday (I Say Damn Your Mood Swings)

The Whole Sad Story

Gustavo Chacin and the rest of the Blue Jays were unable to snap their losing streak sunday afternoon dropping the game to the O's by a 7-3 score. Yes, we've been swept by the Orioles.

Aaron Hill provided the only offense before the 9th as the Jays again proved expert at stranding men, grounding into double plays, and popping up. Hill homered in the 2nd but had some tough at-bats later on. The human rain delay, Steve Trachsel, kept the Jays otherwise in check.

Meanwhile, Gustavo Chacin looked great the first time through the order but then faltered, getting shelled in the 4th and 5th innings, when the O's sent up 18 batters. Victor Zambrano came in and again couldn't find the plate or get much of anyone out. Fresh meat Jamie Vermilyea easily put in the best pitching performance of the Jays for the day, going 3 innings, walking no one, and giving up 3 hits. His reward? Demoted to Syracuse in favor of Brian Tallet. I understand the logic (need another LOOGY for Boston and NY so that Downs can become a setup guy, need relief for an overworked bullpen and Vermilyea is going to need a few days off now), but let's give the kid a real chance at some point. It is not as if Zambrano is really earning his spot at the moment.

The Jays stranded 13 and generally appear to be lost at the plate, although Alexis Rios did single in 2 in the 9th when the game was out of reach. Frank Thomas added two hits, which hopefully is a start for him. How long until Glaus comes back again?

Jays of the Day
Well, we've finally reached the game where justifiably it has to go to no one, although Rios and Vermilyea deserve honorable mention for some contribution to a losing effort and, more importantly, not embarassing themselves.