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The Two Towers

The Whole Sad Story

The Jays fell behind early against a struggling Texas Rangers team and never got back on track, dropping the game 5-3 to fall back to .500 (11-11).

Josh Towers looked fantastic in the first inning, striking out the side, but ran into problems in the 3rd, where Texas scored all 5 of its runs on 3 homeruns. Brad Wilkerson struck the first blow, Teixiera the second (his first HR of the season), and Sammy Sosa's dinger just added insult to injury (as well as some more injury, I suppose).

For the rest of the game, Towers was effective, surrendering no hits nor walks save for his adventures with the long ball in the 3rd, and striking out 7.

With a 5-0 hole, the Jays fought back into it on the long ball, with Lyle Overbay hitting his second of the season in the 5th and Adam Lind adding a 2-run shot, his first of the season, in the 6th.

The bullpen kept it close after Towers' departure, with Brian Tallet, Casey Janssen, and Jason Frasor combining for 4 1/3 scoreless innings, but that was as close as the Jays could get, mustering only 3 walks and 5 hits, and striking out 14 times. No Jay managed more than one hit.

Clayton Watch
Royce was 1-3 with 2 K's. Phillips, Clayton, and Jason Smith have all really cooled down, and it is really hurting the team to have all 3 in the lineup. Will be great to get Troy back (Smith was overexposed in even a somewhat everday role), and might be time to see what Fasano can do.

Jays of the Day
I suppose we will give it to Tallet/Janssen/Frasor, although their efforts went for naught.