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Tigers get to AJ, Marcum, hold off Jays late run

The Whole Sad Story
In an ugly afternoon game in the cold, AJ just didn't have it and the Tigers got some revenge, beating the Jays 10-9 despite some attempted late-inning heroics.

The Tigers got to AJ in the third, stringing together hits and walks until AJ was removed in favor of Shaun Marcum. Curtis Granderson then hit the killer off Marcum, a grand slam, just when it looked like the Jays might escape down only 4-0. Marcum didn't look sharp either, and it wasn't until Jeremy Accardo came in in the 5th that the Jays started to set down Tigers with any regularity. The Jays valiantly fought back, with an Aaron Hill HR and a huge 7-run hitting spree in the 8th, but a run given up by Victor Zambrano turned out to be one too many and the Jays came up short, 10-9. Not a lot of bright spots in this ugly, frustrating game, but maybe the bats loosened up a bit (16 hits).

The Jays need to start hitting with some consistency, and they now need some innings from Chacin tomorrow or the bullpen will be totally depleted. Get that left arm loose, Downs.

Clayton Watch : Royce was 0-3 with a K before being lifted for Jason Smith, who promptly hit a 3-run triple.

Jays of the Day
Accardo for 2 innings where (thank God) no runs scored, Hill for getting the Jays on the board when things were truly bleak.