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Nothing Was Delivered - Sunday Links and Injury Update

I like to wake up early on sunday and play some guitar, go for a run, or catch up on my baseball reading before church. So, from time to time, I'll do a little sunday column of linking to some interesting articles and updating on some injuries and whatnot. I am also feeling guilty that I went on leave for the week and my excellent and unfortunate colleague achengy got stuck with a weeks worth of depressing recaps to write up, then I come back after a draining week of depositions only to find the team has bounced back a bit.

Take Care of Yourself
John Brattain, one of my favorite baseball writers (and he would be even if he wrote about the Pirates or Royals) has a wonderful, devastating Jays colum in the Hardball Times

Also in the Hardball Times, Jeff Sackman's article on "The New Ineficiency" takes a look at the market implications of using several oft-injured but decent-performing players to cover one or two roster spots. He specifically looks at Toronto's rotation in this context, but the article would be well worth your time even in the absence of Jay-specific content.

For those interested in the business side of the game (and who isn't these days), there is an interesting article in The Star about insuring players' contracts and, specifically, about how the Jays are one of the teams that "self-insures." For a short period of time, I represented professional sports teams (more accurately, I wrote briefs for senior attorneys who represented pro teams) in their litigation matters with insurance companies surrounding long-term player injuries. It never really seems to work out for anyone except the insurance companies, and the premiums are very high for pro athletes, so I can't say I disagree with the Jays, although it'd be nice to have a little bank back from the Ryan injury to pick up another reliever.

Get Plenty of Rest
Roy Halladay underwent successful emergency appendectomy and returned from the hospital yesterday. Knowing Roy, I would be surprised to not see him in the dugout within the next few days.

No word yet on Troy Glaus, who underwent examination and MRI on his injured left foot yesterday. Glaus is still considered day-to-day and it is not yet clear whether he will need time on the DL. Gibbons sounded hopeful that the injury "is not as bad as you would think," whatever that means. My bet is still another DL stint.

Gustavo Chacin played catch yesterday for the first time since his injury. Everything apparently felt fine. If all goes well, he would likely begin a minor league rehab assignment in the next week or so and possibly be back with the Jays in about three weeks.

The Jays could use Gustavo back because there's still no word on who's starting for the Jays on Tuesday against the O's and Daniel Cabrera. Candidates still include Josh Towers, Josh Banks, Ty Taubenheim, Jesse Litch, or David Purcey.

The Jays chase the sweep today at the Centre against Tampa Bay. Shaun Marcum will make his first start of the season for the Jays. Opposing Marcum is Jae Seo, who has been a disaster for Tampa this year but has given the Jays fits in the past.

In unrelated news, MLS squad Toronto FC won its first match yesterday, defeating the Chicago Fire 3-1. I was curious as to whether there is any buzz at all in the Ontario area about surrounding the new MLS franchise in T.O. Living in DC, I make it to a lot of MLS matches.