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We Need a New Broom / To Sweep it all Clean

The Happy Recap
AJ Burnett provided his third great start in a row as the Toronto Blue Jays beat Baltimore 2-1 to complete the Sweep! Only 1/2 game behind the Yankees for 2nd!

AJ went the distance, allowing only 3 hits, 2 walks, and one run, on a solo HR by Kevin Millar. Burnett struck out 10 and really looked sharp, continuing his effectiveness but showing none of the shaky control he often displays -- or maybe the O's, a team of hackers if ever there was one, made him look like a control artist. So far, AJ has done an admirable job stepping in as the team's ace.

Unfortunately, it was another nail-biter, as the Jays could manage only two runs against O's potluck starter Brian Burres. The Jays did not show patience at the plate, only walking once (Rios), and leaving 18 on the bases while striking out 11 times.

An aside: here's a question I've always had - how do the moneyball folks both stress K rate as the most important measure of a pitchers success and also scoff at hitters K rates, saying that strikeouts for hitters don't matter? If it helps the pitcher's team so much to strike out a guy, why does it not correspondingly hurt the batter's team? I understand the reasoning for each of these principles, but has anyone ever tried to reconcile them? Can someone explain?

At the plate, Rios again scored the winning run, and Glaus again plated it with a very good piece of hitting.

Waxing/Waning Gibbons
Gibbons didn't have much to do tonight. He did let AJ go the distance, but that was an easy call as 1)AJ's pitch count was low; and 2) Accardo wasn't available.

Jay of the Day
AJ Burnett was dominating. The O's are a very good matchup for him.

Yes that is an XTC song in the post's title. What of it?

Injury Update . Brandon League threw in the low 90s at an extended spring training game today. League plans to pitch again Friday, and, according to J.P., it now looks like League will not need surgery, as his velocity seems to be returning. He is surely still a ways away, but perhaps he can return around the all-star break? It would be a big boost. I hope he takes his time though - rotator cuff surgery is no joke.