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My Imperfect Offering

The Whole Sad Story
The Blue Jays dropped a tough one last night to the Philadelphia Phillies 5-3.

Dustin McGowan was fantastic for the first 4 innings, allowing no hits and only 1 walk, but fell apart in the 5th and didn't make it out of the inning. McGowan couldn't find the plate (walking the pitcher Jon Lieber with the bases loaded) and also had a bit of bad luck with ground balls. But if you're going to walk 3 in an inning, you deserve what you get. McGowan again showed his potential, but needs to avoid the big inning. He struck out 5 over his 4 2/3 innings.

Down 5-0, the Jays scratched back on HRs by Aaron Hill and Matt Stairs. 3 1/3 scoreless, hitless innings by Brian Tallet, Scott Downs, and Casey Janssen kept the Jays in it (although the trio each walked one), and the Jays had their chances in the 8th and 9th innings (including loading the bases in the top of the 9th with Rios at the plate and 2 out) but could not get the runs in to tie it up.

Waxing/Waning Gibbons
I thought Gibbons made all the right moves, with Stairs coming up with a big pinch-hit HR, pinch-hitting Thomas as the tying run, and getting the most out of the bullpen. The Jays certainly outplayed the Phils on the whole, but McGowan just imploded.

Clayton Watch
Clayton was 1-3, but his OBP is under .300, his OPS is getting down to that .650 range (.655 presently), and he's nothing special in the field. I think it is time to trade Clayton for a prospect (obviously a low level one, but still something) and to bring up Olmedo and have him platoon with McDonald and see if he can hit at the MLB level at all. He has shown respectable on-base skills in the minors and impressed the team in the field. His power is nonexistant, but it is not like we are getting much power out of the SS hole now, and McDonald is somewhat respectable against lefties if nothing else.

Jays of the Day
Stairs and Hill I suppose, although no one really impressed. Honourable mention to Tallet for respectable pitching in a low-leverage situation.