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One of These Things First - Sunday Links and Injury Update

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Although the Jays are playing much better, trade speculation continues. This LA Times article hypothesizes that Troy Glaus could be on his way to either LA or LAAAAAAAAAAAAA. JP does not comment, and Troy's agent denies that Troy is headed anywhere, but the writer suggests that a trade with the Dodgers might involve 3B prospect Andy LaRoche and LHP Hong-Chih Kuo, while the Angels could offer up RHP Ervin Santana and IF prospect Matt Brown. Troy is signed through 2008 with a $11.25 option for 2009 and might request another player option for 2010 if he were to waive his no-trade clause. It's all just speculation, obviously, but I think the Jays would have to consider either of those two deals, especially if the Angels also included one of their young catchers (although Curtis Thigpen has been hot in AAA).

John Brattain's morbid sounding "Autopsy of a Losing Skid" tries to make sense of the Jays early May woes. I'm trying to forget about these 2 weeks, which also featured some lousy, stress-filled workdays, an ITB tear in my knee I am still struggling to rehab so I can start running regularly again, and a ridiculous argument with my wife, but you know what they say about those who forget history.

In the Globe and Mail, the excellent (and fellow Clash-loving) Jeff Blair scoffs at the idea of a televised MLB draft, pines for Eric Hinske, choses sides in a Bonds-Schilling throw-down, and answers readers questions.

According to the Toronto Sun, JP is shopping Ohka and Towers, suggesting that Marcum and McGowan, at least, are in the rotation for the long-haul. I wouldn't be shocked to see an NL team surrender something useful for Ohka and/or Towers, and, as I noted in the comments of yesterday's game, I'd like to see the Jays attempt to move Clayton at the same time in order to give Olmedo or even Adams a shot. Reader Torgen points out that it is unlikely that anyone would give up anything of much use for these three. It's undeniable that he's probably right, but I can dream. The fact that the Jays are willing to pick up their salaries can only help, right?

Finally, in a Q & A, Aaron Hill shares some interesting facts about himself and discusses his proposed rule change, his love for Metallica (boooooo!), and other tidbits.

Injury Update
Reed Johnson is recovering well from back surgery and believes he may be back before the end of June.

According to the same article, Roy Halladay played catch yesterday, mimicking his pitching motion, and expects to begin training more aggressively towards a hopeful early June return.

In other, less encouraging news, Gustavo Chacin is still experiencing discomfort playing catch and is not real close to returning. Good thing the kids are allright.

Meanwhile, Greg Zaun will have his thumb examined early this week (same link) and could be cleared to start playing catch.