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Stuck Between Stations

The Whole Sad Story
The Jays were unable to claim a win in their first interleague series of the season, dropping the rubber game 5-3 to the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday afternoon.

Jesse Litsch wasn't nearly as effective in his second start as he had been in the first, going 4 innings and only walking one, but yielding 7 hits, including 2 HRs. Litsch struck out one and appeared rattled when the Phillies stepped out of the batters box repeatedly. His pitches were around the strike zone, but he was leaving too many too high. It will be interesting to see how he does in his next start.

Brian Tallet, Casey Janssen, and Jeremy Accardo relieved Litsch and pitched the rest of the game. None was especially spectacular, but they only gave up one run (a walk by Tallet and 2 hits yielded by Janssen). The trio did strike out 5 (to 2 walks) in their 4 innings.

Although Litsch was not spectacular, the real story of this game was the Jays lackluster offense. After scoring 13 runs the day before, the hits just weren't falling with runners on. Adam Eaton was nothing special, in fact, he walked 5 in his 6 innings, but he seemed to effortlessly pitch out of jam after jam. All told, the Jays stranded 19, not even including a few doping baserunning blunders.

In fact, the Jays managed no runs at all until the 8th, when they found themselves down 5-0. Ironically, when the HRs came, there was no one on base, and Rios, Stairs, and Wells all went deep to make it 5-3. However, Brett Myers came in and managed to shut the Jays down to preserve the lead.

A disappointing game in that it took some of the bloom off Litsch and also made it look like the outburst on Saturday was an aberration rather than an offensive breaking out. Let's hope that's not the case.

Jays of the Day
Matt Stairs continues to hit well, going 2-3 with a HR and a walk. Alex Rios also homered and added a walk. It looks like he is settling in a little in the leadoff spot. Of course, Gibbons will probably "shake up" the lineup soon so it won't matter. I don't think Thomas has lead off yet....