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It's Bal'mer, Hon

Wednesday, May 23th - Baltimore, Maryland

7:05 PM (EST)

Toronto Blue Jays
A. Rios rf
L. Overbay 1b
V. Wells cf
T. Glaus 3b
F. Thomas dh
A. Hill 2b
A. Lind lf
R. Clayton ss
J. Phillips c

Pitching: Dustin McGowan, RHP

Baltimore Orioles
B. Roberts 2b
M. Mora 3b
N. Markakis lf
M. Tejada ss
A. Huff
R. Hernandez c
J. Gibbons lf
K. Millar 1b
C. Patterson cf

Pitching: S. Trachsel, RHP

When I lived in Baltimore, I made it to about 40-50 home games a year (thanks, $5 seats and no-scalp zone!). It is a great time, with excellent street meat, a beautiful stadium, a short way from some great bars and restaurants, and friendly fans (unless the Sox or Yankees are in town). I also occasionally attended law school in my spare time. Oops.

Anyway, what better place to get the Jays back on track and get McGowan his first win of 2007? Losing to "the trash-man", as we Met fans called Trachsel (always makes me think of George Harrison's Beatles song "the Taxman") twice in a season is no fun. Which makes me think....

Let me tell you how it will go
It's ten minutes between throws
Cause I'm the Trashman
Yeah the Trashman

Should you reach base on a line-drive hit
I'll throw over to first until you're bored as sh*t
Cause I'm the Trashman
Yeah the Trashman
And you're waiting for no one but me

You'll wait for me until I say
That's why they call me the "human rain delay"
Cause I'm the Trashman
Yeah the Trashman

Watching me pitch, it is no fun (Trashman, Mr. Mora!)
But somehow I get it done (Trashman, Mr. Huff!)
Cause I'm the Trashman
Yeah the Trashman


I swear, I had no idea at all about this when I typed my post. Crazy.