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Wild Night

The Happy Recap
Wow. This night featured everything but vocals by M'Shell N'gdeocello. I had to listen to it on the radio, because my wife and her friend comandeered the TV to watch Pan's Labryrinth. Which always reminds me how much I enjoy listening to games on the radio.

Tomo Ohka pitched quite well, all things considered, allowing 3 runs in 7 innings (one on a HR surrendered by Janssen). Ohka struck out 2, walked 2, and allowed 8 hits.

The Jays offense also jumped out ahead, with Lyle Overbay, Matt Stairs, and Royce Clayton homering in the first 6 innings. That's right, Royce Clayton. He's halfway to his count for last season.

Unfortunately, the Jays' bullpen couldn't hold the 7-2 lead. Casey Janssen surrendered a HR to Michael Cuddyer and was generally terrible (3 hits in 1/3 of an inning), while Jeremy Accardo blew his first save of the season in spectacular fashion by surrendering 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th, after bailing Tek out of the 8th. Accardo couldn't get a single out in the 9th, and Jason Frasor had to rescue him.

So the game went to extras. Although Rios homered in the 11th to try to give the Jays his second straight game winning, extra inning HR, Frasor and Tallet surrendered a run to let the Twins tie it, and send it to extra extra innings. Lyle Overbay won it in the 13th with a fantastic at-bat resulting in an RBI single, which scored Royce Clayton, who had doubled to start the inning. Tallet earned the win and, after surrendering the game-tying fielder's choice, shut the Twins down.

Waxing/Waning Gibbons
After Royce Clayton doubled to lead off the 13th, the Jays no 9 hitter, Jason Phillips came up. I don't think I've ever complained about a manager NOT bunting, but think I will here. This might be the one situation in which a sacrifice bunt is a good play - bad hitter, runner already on 2nd, no out, tie game, extra innings, on the road, Rios and Overbay (both very hot) coming up. The Jays could not afford to not score the runner. Phillips did manage to ground out to SS and move Clayton over, but still not a brilliant move.
I also didn't like bringing in Tallet to face Morneau, I would've gone with Frasor, who has a better chance to strike out the hitter, which is what you need with the runner on 3rd. Of course, you can't blame Gibbons too much for that, and Tallet has been pitching well, but that would've been my move.

Jays of the Day
Rios had 4 hits, including the almost game winner, but it must at least be mentioned that his at-bat in the 13th with a runner on 3rd and one out was terrible. Lyle Overbay had a huge hit in the 13th to bring in the runner with 2 outs, a really solid at-bat. He also homered and had 4 RBI in all. Matt Stairs had another big day, while Clayton must also be mentioned. Brian Tallet was excellent as well. Honourable mention to Ohka, who really pitched well, more than well enough to win. If he can keep it up, the Jays could potentially get someone in exchange for him. Although Ohka is nothing to get excited about, plenty of teams send out worse every 5 days.

Still working on my new post, which will be about the Jays young pitchers. Between that and Anna's baptism, I won't be doing the sunday linkage and injury update. All you need to know is that the Doctor is in on Thursday night. No word yet on who is bumped from the rotation, but it looks like Litsch will pitch Wednesday and Ohka will get bumped. I think Litsch needs time at AAA to work on a strikeout pitch. He gives up too many 2-strike hits and has only struck out 2 in 3 starts. That simply won't get it done. Ohka is better right now.