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All the Rage

The Whole Sad Story
The Blue Jays were unable to win the series opener in the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, dropping to the Twins 4-3.

Jesse Litsch was again unable to go 5 innings, and the Twins scored the winning run on an RBI single by Torii Hunter off Scott Downs, after Downs had made a fielding error with 2 outs that should have ended the inning. Of course, the offense was the real problem again, managing only three runs.

On the plus side, well, Frank Thomas homered again. Royce Clayton was Royce Clayton, and Alex Rios was 3-4 with another walk. His OBP is now up to .358.

I'm trying to do pre-game posts rather than recaps, that way others can discuss the game before, while, and after it, rather than me just describing it after its over. Also, it's less work, which will give me more time for other p osts that will be a bit more in-depth. In fact, I should have one of those up today.

I will continue the Jays of the day, though, and will continue the Waxing/Waning Gibbons feature when JG makes a move that delights or disgusts me.
Yesterday: Thomas (1-3, HR for 2nd straight game, BB), Rios (3-4, BB), and Stairs (1-3, 2RBI single, BB).
Thursday: Rios (2-2, scored tying run, winning HR), Lyle (3-4, 3 2B, BB, great D) and Tek (2 IP, 1K, 2H, OER, W).
Wednesday: Hill (2-3, BB).

In other news, my daughter is getting baptized tomorrow morning. Wow. I'm starting to think that she might have inherited my quick first step. Hopefully not my tendency to bail and throw my shoulder open.