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New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays

Monday, May 28- Toronto, Ontario

7:07 PM (EST)

New York Yankees
J. Damon cf
D. Jeter ss
H. Matsui dh
A. Rodriguez 3b
J. Posada c
R. Cano 2b
B. Abreu rf
M. Cabrera lf
D. Mientkieweicz 1b

Pitching: M. DeSalvo, RHP

Toronto Blue Jays
A. Rios rf
L. Overbay 1b
V. Wells cf
T. Glaus 3b
F. Thomas dh
A. Hill 2b
A. Lind lf
J. Phillips c
R. Clayton ss

Pitching: D. McGowan, RHP

The Jays start a homestand tonight. Sorry I'm late in getting the old post up, busy with the grill celebrating memorial day, which I suppose y'all don't celebrate up north.