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Love is Blindness; I Don't Wanna See

The Whole Sad Story

Well, that was that. I refuse to link to any recaps until the Jays win again. Also, I don't have a lot of time, as I've got depositions all week next week for a case that's going to trial in June. I didn't get to see the game, as my band had a gig last night, but all you need to know is that:

1. Tomo Ohka was not all that bad, but he certainly wasn't very good. He only walked one and gave up 2 HRs but he gave up 10 hits. At least he pitched into the 8th, so only Tallet was used out of the pen, and only for 2 outs. It really doesn't help flyball pitchers like Ohka and Towers to have the Lind-Rios-Stairs outfield defense, not that there's anything really to be done about that.
2. The only Jay run came on a HR by Sal Fasano. Fasano also doubled, constituting 40% of the Jays' hits and 60% of the Jays' total bases for the night.
3. One of the only bright spots (you can't really count Fasano since who knows when that will happen again) was that Overbay had two hits, including his 9th double of the season, raising his average to .245 for the season and showing that he may be regaining his stroke for the season. With 15 walks, his OBP is .339.
4. The Jays did draw 5 walks

This was not an encouraging game, but it would not be so hard to swallow if it wasn't dragging a 4-game losing streak behind it. The Jays have yet to win in May.

Jay of the Day :
Fasano only, which really is all you need to know to know what kind of day it was.