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Dear Tim Dahlberg

Alex Rodriguez Enemy No.1 Hey guys I recently stumbled upon an article that I absolutely hated. Being passionate about the Blue Jays I was very angry that he supported A-Rod's basepath abuse and he did take shots at the Blue Jays. I really felt the need to respond as I was steaming mad. Luckily for me Yahoo pasted his email in which I could write a nasty reply to.

Here is it: (I may be a jerk in this but let me know how you guys feel) I am not sure if this will be appreciated here but I feel the need to vent and this guys article pisses me off. The article link is below. This was sent @ 9:26am.

Dear Tim Dahlberg,

I recently just read your article A-Rod makes the tabloids happy, and the Blue Jays sad. I felt that it was good that A-Rod didn't have to talk about his personal life and about baseball but I believe your article is very biased and you do not seem to include any part the Blue Jays side of it.

There are a few key points that you left out that failed to make a clear picture and thus attempting to make your argument stronger when in actuality it was very poor. The Yankees were already up 7-5 with two out. Yes, that means the play probably had nothing to do with winning the game. So why did Alex Rodriguez do this? I know the importance of insurance runs but if this is the World Series and it is a tie game while I believe while it's still a jerk thing to do, it's the World Series and I can understand the drive to win. A-Rod could have easily ran by Clark and Rivera shuts the door in the bottom on the 9th. This play was simply unnecessary.

The Jays "botched an easy play because they didn't communicate, and A-Rod took advantage of it". Yes, the Jays botched the play but A-Rod didn't take advantage of the Jays lack of communication. He took advantage of Howie Clark who had just been called up that day and obviously he was unable to recognize John Macdonald's voice since he was in an emergency situation with Troy Glaus and Royce Clayton injured. A-Rod was trying to embarrass Clark, a guy looking for a job in baseball anywhere he could whether it be in the minor leagues or as an extra on a team in need of bodies and that is not right or fair for a $250 million dollar player to do what he did. If a player is paid like a professional, I'd expect him to be professional and he wasn't.

To make matters worse A-Rod ruined another debut but this time in Brian Wolfe's Major League debut. He may not be seen as anything but he is a man of baseball who's obviously worked hard to be where he was and would have completed the 9th inning without further damage and with the Jays still having a small chance

I could care less whether your title says that you work for the associated press and you are entitled to your opinion but I feel like your article was poor as most of it regurgitated what others were saying and even worse when you had an opinion to give it wasn't supported well. Take this quote for example "Hopefully, no one will pull the hidden ball trick against Toronto this year. It might really hurt their feelings." Thanks for being so insensitive. I hope another writer calls out "mine" when you've dropped the ball on your job or "Hah" would suffice.

This article was placed on the Yahoo! Sports page, which I read very often because a lot of their articles have quality unlike yours as all it did was get me angry and riled up. I am a Blue Jays fan don't get me wrong. I understand if Yankees' fans support A-Rod's action as we are fans and sometimes we do take biased standpoints. However, you are a writer who is paid handsomely for work that many fans and bloggers do for free and I have seen MUCH better work from them. I expect writers to have unbiased standpoints, try to engage readers in making their own opinions and they usually don't throw out random insults without merit.

I would like to see you reply to this but if you do not it is understandable. Since I have such dislike for your article, I am posting this letter on both my personal blog and on Blue Bird Banter where I contribute to very dedicated Jays fans so they can both judge on what I think and make their own opinions on your article and possibly write you as well. Maybe no one gives a crap what I care about since I am a nobody. Thank you for including your email since it gave me the idea of writing to you and pissing you off like you have done to me (If you don't read this it's okay as spam robots will find your email link).

Have a nice day,
Allan Cheng