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6/11 Game Thread: Blue Jays at San Francisco Giants

Monday, June 11- San Francisco, California

10:15 PM (EST)

Toronto Blue Jays
Alex Rios cf
Matt Stairs 1b
Vernon Wells cf
Troy Glaus 3b
Aaron Hill 2b
Adam Lind lf
Jason Phillips c
John McDonald ss
Josh Towers

Pitching: Josh Towers, RHP

San Francisco Giants

Dave Roberts cf
Randy Winn rf
Ryan Klesko 1b
Barry Bonds lf
Ray Durham 2b
Benji Molina c
Pedro Feliz 3b
Omar Vizquel ss
Matt Morris p

Pitching: Matt Morris, RHP

Tonight the Jays begin their series against the San Francisco Giants. I would really prefer if Bonds' next HR doesn't come at the expense of Sparrow. That nickname isn't mine by the way, for once. It comes from Joanna at Hum and Chuck , a very excellent Jays blog. I'm not sure whence the nickname came (I can only imagine that it refers to his frequently startled expressions on the mound), but I like it.