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6/12 Game Thread: Blue Jays at San Francisco Giants

Tuesday, June 12- San Francisco, California

10:15 PM (EST)

Toronto Blue Jays
Royce Clayton ss
Alex Rios cf
Vernon Wells cf
Troy Glaus 3b
Aaron Hill 2b
Curtis Thigpen 1b
Adam Lind lf
Jason Phillips c
AJ Burnett

Pitching: AJ Burnett, RHP

San Francisco Giants

Dave Roberts cf
Nate Schierholtz rf
Ryan Klesko 1b
Barry Bonds lf
Ray Durham 2b
Benji Molina c
Pedro Feliz 3b
Omar Vizquel ss
Noah Lowry p

Pitching: Noah Lowry, LHP

When I used to play street football where I grew up, we had one little-used play called the "garbage can," where one player went out for a pass and pretended to trip and knock over a garbage can. This was Brooklyn in the 80s, so everyone had those old aluminum garbage cans (you know, like the one Sonny Corleone uses to beat the crap out of his brother-in-law), so it was really loud- and if the play was executed perfectly, it would look real and make the opposing team laugh so hard that they would stop paying attention and another player on the team could get wide open and score.

The point of this story is that I can only guess that batting Clayton leadoff tonight is the mlb version of "the garbage can". Of course, it probably won't work on an nl team - they'll just think it's normal baseball. Zing!

So, yeah, let's go A.J.

N.B. The Garbage Can is not to be confused with "the hamper trick" another legendary piece of the lore of my youth that I'll have to tell another time.