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6/13 Game Thread Blue Jays @ Giants in early game

Wednesday, June 13- San Francisco, California

3:37? PM (EST)

Toronto Blue Jays
Howie Clark 1b
Alex Rios cf
Matt Stairs rf
Troy Glaus 3b
Aaron Hill 2b
Adam Lind lf
Royce Clayton ss
Jason Phillips c
Dustin McGowan P

Pitching: Dustin McGowan, RHP

San Francisco Giants

Dave Roberts cf
Nate Schierholtz rf
Randy Winn lf
Ryan Klesko 1b
Ray Durham 2b
Pedro Feliz 3b
Kevin Frandsen ss
Guillermo Rodríguez c
Tim Linecum p

Pitching: Tim Linecum, RHP

The strange lead off experiment is still going up with Howie Clark with his shot. I don't really like this experiment but as I am finishing it up Clark did score the first run of the game so it technically worked. Does this mean the Jays miss Reed Johnson?

Bonds, Vizquel, Molina have all been given days off so while we've been unlucky in this series so far, maybe we'll win this one due to have the luck that their best players are out and we can avoid the sweep. Go Jays!

I am interested in watching the 5-11 pitcher Tim Linecum and while I write this the longer I go on without actually seeing the game so I've got to finish this one right now!