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A.J. O.K.?

A.J. Lets T.O. know how many starts he's gonna miss.

According to the Jays , A.J. Burnett is merely suffering from a mild shoulder strain and will not need surgery or even a stint on the disabled list. AJ will merely skip his next start, scheduled for Sunday, and will plan on being ready to go the following time through the rotation.

John Gibbons said that Josh Towers would make AJ's Sunday start against the Washington Nationals. "He almost has to start," said Gibbons (whatever that means). "Do you believe in miracles?" (Or that too - I'm not being snide, I really just have no idea of what he's talking about. Is it a miracle that Towers is starting again so soon? Why would it be? - that's what spot starters do. Or, does he mean that it will be a miracle if Towers pitches well? That's not very cool either. )

Apparently, the Jays felt like they still needed some additional pitching depth, because my paisan Salvatore Fasano was designated for assignment and Lee Gronkewiecz was called up to take his place. Gronkewiecz is 28 but has put up some impressive seasons in the minors and certainly deserves his chance, although he probably won't get any more work than Wolfe/DeJong/Vermilyea, none of whom did anything to embarass themselves but were still largely forgotten about (for all I know, DeJong might still be on the team.)

The scarey thing, though, is that the Jays are down a mere 3 backstops, what with Zaun ready to step back behind the plate tomorrow. Why, they're a mere pinch-runner and 2 unexpected late-inning injuries away from sudden ruin! (ruin being John Macdonald having to catch for an inning or so). That's way more problematic for the team than having no one to bat for, say, Sal Fasano in the 9th with the tying run on 2nd.