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6/23 Game Thread: Colorado Rockies at Toronto Blue Jays

Saturday, June 23 - Toronto, Ontario

1:07 PM (EST)

Colorado Rockies
Willy Tavares cf
Kazuo Matsui 2b
Matt Holliday lf
Todd Helton dh
Garrett Atkins 3b
Brad Hawpe rf
Troy Tulowitzki ss
Jeff Baker 1b
Yorvit Torrealbea c

Pitching: Aaron Cook, RHP

Toronto Blue Jays

Vernon Wells cf
Alexis Rios rf
Matt Stairs 1b
Troy Glaus 3b
Frank Thomas dh
Aaron Hill 2b
Adam Lind lf
Jason Phillips c
John McDonald ss

Pitching: Ty Taubenheim, RHP

After yesterday's crazy finale, the Jays host the Rockies in a game I will have to listen to on the radio thanks to MLB/Fox and their ridiculous rules. The true insanity of this is that Fox doesn't actually show any games at 1 - in fact, they show nothing until 4, by which time the Jays will be done. Unspeakable

Anyway, Vernon bats leadoff again, Zaun sits the day after a night game, and Royce Clayton is still nowhere to be found. If he's not going to play, why not bring up someone who will, since Clark can play SS anyway?

If anyone is interested, I make my case for moving Tek Janssen to the rotation below.