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6/27 Game Thread: Toronto Blue Jays at Minnesota Twins

Wednesday, June 27 - Minneapolis, Minnesota

8:10 PM (EST)

Toronto Blue Jays
Vernon Wells cf
Alexis Rios rf
Matt Stairs 1b
Troy Glaus 3b
Frank Thomas dh
Greg Zaun c
Adam Lind lf
Howie Clark 2b
Royce Clayton ss

Pitching: Josh Towers

Minnesota Twins

Luis Castillo 2b
Jason Bartlett ss
Joe Mauer dh
Michael Cuddyer 1b
Torii Hunter cf
Jason Kubel lf
Mike Redmond c
Lew Ford rf
Nicky Punto 3b

Pitching: John Paul Bonser, RHP

The Jays suffered a tough loss yesterday in a game that saw a stellar start by Shaun Marcum sqandered by poor hitting all night, forcing extra innings. Gibbons called on Brian Tallet to begin the 12th and left Tallet in despite trouble, a call hotly debated in our game thread yesterday.

However, as they say, tonight is another game. Sparrow opposes Boof Bonser, the lagniappe Minnesota received in the AJ Pierzynski trade.

In other, somewhat unexpected news, Toronto recalled Brandon League from Syracuse. As League doesn't really seem quite ready, it's possible that this move was necessitated by the 30-day limit on rehab assignments . I would expect League to be used in a low-leverage role, if at all, for the next little while.

Man, is it hot and sticky outside today. Luckily, I'm inside watching baseball, and I hope y'all are as well. Let's go Jays!