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6/29 Game Thread: Toronto Blue Jays at Seattle Mariners

Friday, June 29 - Seattle, Washington

10:05 PM (EST)

Toronto Blue Jays
Alexis Rios rf
Vernon Wells cf
Troy Glaus 3b
Frank Thomas dh
Aaron Hill 2b
Greg Zaun c
Adam Lind lf
John McDonald ss

Pitching: Dustin McGowan, RHP

Seattle Mariners

Ichiro cf
Jose Vidro dh
Jose Guillen rf
Richie Sexson 1b
Ben Broussard lf
Kenji Johjima c
Adrian Beltre 3b
Jose Lopez 2b
Yuniesky Betancourt ss
Pitching: Jarrod Washburn, LHP

After a disappointing loss yesterday in which the Jays failed to hold an early lead and AJ Burnett alternately dominated and frustrated, our courageous Cyanocitta cristatae take on the Seattle Mariners, a team that has outperformed expectations despite lousy pitching. The Mariners are an interesting offense as they have, with a few exceptions, largely built the offense around contact hitters rather than on-base types. Ichiro, Betancourt, Lopez, Johjima, Beltre, Guillen, and Vidro all fit that profile to somewhat varying degrees.

On the mound for the Jays will be Dustin McGowan, hoping to follow up his amazing 1-hit shutout last time out. Let's go Jays!