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6/30 Game Thread Blue Jays @ Mariners

Where: Seattle, Washington
When: Saturday June 30 @ 10:05 pm Eastern time
Expected Temp: 71 F or 22 C

Projected Starters:

Toronto Blue Jays
RHP Roy Halladay 9-2 with a 4.25 ERA

Seattle Mariners
RHP Miguel Batista 7-6  with a 4.85 ERA

Another loss again yesterday where the offense seemed non-existant the Jays try to snap a 2-game mini losing streak because that's what the doctor ordered. Former Blue Jay cast off Batista looks to get revenge for trading him in the Glaus deal.

Hugo and I have busy days so we unfortunately can't join in on the fun with the in-game discussion but we know you'll carry on without us gracefully. Go Jays!!!