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7/1 Game Thread: Toronto Blue Jays at Seattle Mariners

Sunday, July 1 - Seattle, Washington

4:05 PM (EST)

Toronto Blue Jays
Vernon Wells cf
Greg Zaun c
Alexis Rios rf
Frank Thomas dh
Matt Stairs 1b
Adam Lind
Aaron Hill 2b
Howie Clark 3b
Royce Clayton ss

Pitching: Shaun Marcum, RHP

Seattle Mariners

Ichiro cf
Adrian Beltre 3b
Raul Ibanez dh
Jose Guillen rf
Richie Sexson 1b
Ben Broussard lf
Kenji Johjima c
Yuniesky Betancourt ss
Willie Bloomquist 2b
Pitching: Jeff Weaver, RHP

It is always frustrating when Doc is unable to stop a losing streak. The Jays continue to strugge on the road. Jason Frasor had another rough outing and I'm afraid Tallet is coming back to where his peripherals suggest he should've been all along. Gibbons is attempting to jumpstart the offense and recover some of the lightning he got last week with Wells and Zaun hitting atop the order, so let's see how it goes. Troy Glaus gets the day off, and Shaun Marcum takes the mound.

If runs don't come against Jeff Weaver (although he hasn't been quite as terrible lately), it's going to be a long road trip, I'm afraid. A sweep would suck, but salvaging this game after the Minnesota split would mean the road trip isn't a complete lost cause yet.

In Mariner news, Mike Hargrove has resigned, saying he no longer possesses the old passion for the game. And for more on the Mariners, always check out Lookout Landing, one of my favorite SB Nation sites.