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I'm Looking Over My Shoulder: AJ Back on DL, Jays Fans Hold Collective Breath

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Today in the Globe and Mail were the words that make every baseball fan's heart sink. AJ Burnett has traveled to Birmingham, that accursed Dixie city of cold steel where where pitchers careers go to do, and will have his sore right shoulder examined by Dr. James Andrews on Monday morning.

Burnett takes the trip following a frustrating start where his velocity was down and his shoulder felt sore on Thursday against Minnesota.

According to Blair, there are some within the Jays' organization who privately are wondering whether AJ is overreacting. Please. While I very much like Blair, he is hardly objective where AJ is concerned. Shoulders are the great sorrowful mystery of the baseball player's rosary (haha, sorry, but it is sunday), and frankly, I'm concerned. I will keep y'all posted.