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7/9 Minor League Summary

I really don't want to take away from Hugo's mid-season report card so if you really want to see how the boys are doing down in the minors click the entry link below.

Portland 5, New Hampshire 0
The F-cats had only one hit in the contest and it came with 2 outs in the bottom on the 9th. Very close to being no-hit and the savior was Lyle Overbay who also walked twice as well providing 75% of the baserunners. He does get the Jay of the game honor as nobody likes getting no-hit. Justin Masterson a Red Sox prospect left after 6.2 IP with the no hitter still in tact but thankfully our rival's minor league team couldn't hold it.

Dunedin 6, Tampa 5
Nothing much of note here but Phil Hughes did make the start going 2 innings with 3 Ks and 2 walks. The Yankees probably could still use him if they are going to make a room. Josh Kreuzer was 2-5 with a home run and gets the Jay of the game honors. He is currently batting an impressive .320 with a .991 OPS. All great numbers with not really that high of a K rate. He should get a serious shot at AA though his prospect status may not be high as this is his third season at the High A level after being cast off by the Rangers organization. Being 24 I think it may be time for a promotion as staying in A+ will do no good for him. He probably replaces Chip Cannon as a fringe prospect on my upcoming top 20 list.

Lansing 11, Fort Wayne 5
Travis Snider was 1 for 3 with 2 walks. He has really improved his patience at the plate which would be considered his weakness if any. Scott Campbell again the first New Zealand born player has some pretty interesting stats. He doesn't have much power but has a great eye with a K/BB rate of 37/44 it's rare to see people get more walks then strike outs and while his average is an okay .283 is OBP is .398 if he could only add more power (.383 SLG) he probably would be considered as a prospect. Jonathan Jaspe, Sean Shoffit and Yuber Rodriguez each had multi-hit nights to take a share of the JOG title.

Aberdenn 3, Auburn 2
Adam Calderone who played decently in 17 games with Dunedin, was 2-4 with a home run to get the JOG. The 23 year old is hitting .300 with Auburn in his 2nd year with the organization.
I am still in a bind on what I should call out 2nd 1st round pick. Is it JP Arencibia or Jonathan Arencibia? He was 1 for 1 with an RBI and a HBP in this game being being substituted.

GCL Indians 7, GCL Jays 4
Division III star James Dougher who I plan to keep watching finally had the hitters catch up to him a little going 4 IP with 2 ER and 7 hits given up but he still struck out 4. Being 22 I'd like to see him get a chance with Auburn. The other big names did alright. Kevin Ahrens and Eric  Eiland was 1-3 with a walk. Balbino Fuenmayor was 1-5 with a triple. Justin Jackson was 0-4 but did have a walk.