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The State That I Am In: Saturday Update

Coming off a disappointing loss last night, here are some Jays tidbits.

First, Mike Rutsey is kind of a jerk . In his article on Gustavo Chacin (which explains that the Jays chose to option Chacin because it was clear he wouldn't be ready to rejoin the rotation by the end of his rehab period), not only does he introduce Chacin in the second sentence as "the bald Venezuelan lefty" (Chacin has alopecia which renders him hairless), but he also says that Chacin "bears a striking resemblance to Benito Mussolini." I guess you can judge for yourself whether Chacin looks like the fellow who made the trains run on time (and oppressed and exiled my relatives, who were anti-fascists).

Next, following his start, the usually docile Sparrow bared his talons. Sparrow was visibly upset when Gibbons pulled him yesterday, and although I didn't mind the move, Sparrow sure did.

"I was shocked to see him come out in the sixth inning," Towers suggested of his manager John Gibbons. "We were winning the game and I thought I was pitching well. It never even dawned on me that I'd be coming out. (Scott) Podsednik had rolled into a double play and got out (on a grounder) the next at-bat also.

"I was completely surprised. I thought I was in control and throwing the ball well. I didn't even think that I was coming out. I asked to stay in the game, but he had already made up his mind. I'm just pissed, period. I don't think that we showed up today. I think it was a horseshit game, all around. We just gave the game away."

Towers also lashed out at the team as a whole:

"I just don't think that we consistently put ourselves in position to make plays every time," Towers opined. "I don't think that we consistently show up as a coaching staff and as a team every day. I think it shows sometimes. It's a game that we're in full control and we should have won and we didn't. All around, it wasn't a great game by us.

For his part, Gibby fired back:

"I've been one of the biggest supporters of Josh Towers," an obviously annoyed Gibbons said. "I thought he pitched a tough ballgame. Did it look to you guys like it was a lack of effort?"

While I, like Gibbons, consider myself a Towers supporter, he should keep his mouth shut about his teammates. It's one thing to be angry about coming out of the game, but it's another thing to complain about his teammates and coaching staff. It's true that the defense behind Towers yesterday was pathetic and Sparrow did admirably to keep the team in the game, but unless he wants the rest of the team to complain to the media every time Sparrow pitches a clunker, he needs to lay off. Last season, Sparrow and his 8 and a half ERA and 2-10 record was quite possibly the difference between making (or at least competing for) the playoffs and not. It's possible that Sparrow is nervous because it looks like he may get traded (JP confirmed that there have been calls), but that's not really an excuse.