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7/8 Game Thread: Cleveland Indians v. Toronto Blue Jays

Where: Toronto, Ontario
When: Sunday July 8 @ 1:07 pm Eastern time

Projected Starters:
Cleveland Indians
Paul Bird, RHP, 7-3, 4.71 ERA, 93 IP, 51 K/6 BB

Toronto Blue Jays
Josh Towers, RHP, 4-5, 5.71 ERA, 63 IP, 50 K/11 BB

Two pretty similar pitchers face off today, although Byrd has had a lot more success than Towers this season, not just by luck or run support. He has done a great job limiting the walks, which has offset his low K rate and made him an adequate starter. The Cleveland offense has done the rest.

Although by losing yesterday, the Jays missed out on their last chance to get to the break over .500, today's game is still important as it would allow them to get a series win going into the break.

I will be missing the first part of the game, as we're again getting out of this unbearable heat and heading to Annapolis. So maybe someone else can post the lineups when they're announced. I'll be back about 1/2 way through the game, though. Let's go Jays!

Also, check back throughout the all-star break, as I will have midseason report cards for the team and management, as well as a discussion of where the team goes from here.