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8/12 Game Thread Jays @ Royals; No I in Threesome

Sunday, August 12 - Kansas City, Missouri
7:10 PM (EDT)

Toronto Blue Jays
Matt Stairs LF
Lyle Overbay 1B
Alexis Rios RF
Vernon Wells CF
Frank Thomas DH
Troy Glaus 3B
Aaron Hill 2B
Greg Zaun c
Rey Olmedo ss

Pitching: AJ Burnett, RHP

Kansas City Royals

David DeJesus CF
Mark Grudzielanek 2B
Mark Teahan RF
Billy Butler DH
Ross Gload 1B
Alex Gordon 3B
Jason Smith SS
Joey Gathright LF
Jason LaRue C

Pitching: Brian Bannister, RHP

I am going to wane Gibbons for taking Stairs offer the leadoff spot and putting Sparky back there. Stairs has proven to be a good table setter yet after winning 2 games in a row he inexplicably made a change.

Burnett makes a return and I don't know what to expect but he went between excellent and mediocre during the season. We really don't need him at this point since the rotation has been lights out but now we have a rotation consisting of Halladay, Marcum McGowan, Burnett and Litsch. Excited anyone? We better makes the playoffs in '08.

With Bannister we face a former Met that Hugo would probably have more insight on. He's another Sub-4 ERA guy we're facing as we've faced 2 of them so far. The Royals are putting together a very nice rotation. Also, considering our road "success" we probably are in for a long night again.

The title of this post comes from "Our Love To Admire" by Interpol which is a lackluster album but that's my favorite song. I think it highlights perfectly our situation:
We're not involved in the wild card race at all now. We just sit outside the threesome of Seattle, New York and Cleveland. The view from here sucks to say the least.