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8/12 Minor League Summary

I just lost my work so I am really pissed off right now. Going to make it short and sweet.

Eric Eiland Profile:

Eiland is an 18-year old outfielder out of highschool. He is currently the only Jays highschooler or young prospect having some success with a .248 average. He does have 14 steals in 15 attempts and is a possible 5-tool prospect though he lacks power. He apparently played football in highschool as well and has chosen baseball. He was  a 2nd round pick so we should take note of him as a decent prospect and may appear on the top 20 at year's end.

Jays Organizational Player of the day:
Julio Pinto

Julio Pinto is a 22-year old right handed starter in Lansing. He was first signed out of Venezuela in 2001 in the Cleveland organization. He currently has a 5+ ERA and while that isn't good he has a low home run rate and a good K/BB rate. He looks to have been unlucky as his BABIP is high. He may get an opportunity in Dunedin if things start going his way like tonight. He is still somewhat young.

Pawtucker 6, Syracuse 3
JotG: None. Josh Banks struggled giving up 6ER in 6 innings.

Altoona 4, New Hampshire 3
JotG: Kurt Isenberg went 6 1/3 IP with just 1 run given up and 4Ks.

Dunedin 4, Jupiter 3
JotG: Eric Neilsen went 3 for 4 with a double and solo home run.

Lansing 8, Beloit 0
JotG: Julio Pinto went 6 shutout innings with 6Ks for the JotG. Travis Snider went 2 for 5 with a double, home run and 3 RBI.

Brooklyn 4, Auburn 2
JotG: Kyle Walter just gave up 1ER in 5 innings.